Shortly About Me

Passion Works was started in a dump of a shop back in 1994 on a cold January day, what happened after that is chronicled below.




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What’s New

Just finished new spraybooth that has already paid for its self in one month. Man it saves time!

My Philosophy-Tattoo your Life

My client base stands out from the crowd. It's my job to help them do that. What we do here at Passion is tattoo your life. We make it your ride unique and thus tell your story in paint. There is only one you so why drive around in something that looks like everyone elses. Every one of our projects are unique and specialized to you. We do not do cookie cutter or copy out of magazines. Our stuff is ORIGINAL. If you like something we have done in the past or some of our stuff that you that have seen in a magazine, we will incorporate the feel of it into the job but the end product will be a one off to you.

We are proud of what we do and stand behind our work.

Coming Soon

YouTube Videos
We are currently filming a few airbrushing tutorials. Check back soon for updates.

Bike Design PDF's
I am working on bike design templates that you can download and print.